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Our point of difference…
Headlines Hair Design are determined to create a salon in Hobart, that gives the vast majority of clients what they are actually looking for.

We are here to give you what you want. Whether it is hairstyle expert advice that you’d like from us, or, if you know exactly what you want, and even better, show us a picture of what you love, we will achieve that for you!

We won’t have you walk out of our salon looking like you’ve had your hair harvested for someone else’s wig, when all you want is the bare minumum trimmed off, or carefully shaped just to tidy things up. We will give you what you want and not an inch less!

Ask us for a centimetre off and that’s what you’ll get. You want less or more. that’s what we’ll take. We’re working for you…. and we’ll never forget it.

We do not charge you for “the works” when all you want is a fringe trim… maybe not even the whole fringe. We’ll give you the trim you ask for and at a price that reflects how much work we have done.

We won’t look down our nose because you ask for a style that isn’t quite at the cutting edge of fashion… or try to talk you into something you’d only wear to a punk fancy dress… forcing you to take your annual leave early so that no one at the office sees what we’ve done to you?

We won’t assume that you have a bathroom devoid of haircare products and make you feel, well, just a bit stupid, because you didn’t buy the products we recommend.

We may tell you about products that will help, but we can and will take “no” for an answer.

No eye-rolling. No huffing. We don’t make our money by selling products. We do it by looking after people.

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74 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia Hobart,Australia,7000  Show Phone Number http://headlineshairdesign.com.au

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