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Kaaktus have the finest range of Escorts for every city in Australia.  If you’ve been out bush felling trees, mining rocks or fixing machinery. You need to unwind. Take a load off. Give it to her. You could have been balancing figures, chasing crooks or selling books. Doesn’t matter what you do we have a girl for you. Kaaktus Escorts. When you absolutely, positively have to shoot your load. Find her on Kaaktus.

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Kaaktus have the finest range of escorts for hire in Australia. We have girls in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Perth – all the capital cities. Filter the escort girls by ethnicity, by location, by services they provide or most importantly – how they look. We are introducing a verification system to ensure girls have their real recent photos posted.  For the red blooded cashed up Australian male who wishes to find some entertainment of the female variety. Try Australian Kaaktus online classifieds to find the closest, hottest and funnest escort there is. Kaaktus has the best range of escorts for hire anywhere in Australia.

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Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Sydney escort list with prices.
Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Melbourne escort list with prices.


Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Canberra escort list with prices.
Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Brisbane escort list with prices.

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Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Sydney escort list with prices.
Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Melbourne escort list with prices.


Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Gold Coast escort list with prices.
Escorts for hire in Australia kaaktus online. Perth escort list with prices.

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Kaaktus EScorts:

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Contact a girl using kaaktus. Once you arrive let her know where you saw the ad. email us some feedback. We need the title of the ad to ensure accuracy. Tell us if she was great, matched her photos, had fun and left you with a smile on your face. Every month Kaaktus will shout one of our reviewers a free hour with a girl who advertises here. If you thought she was great then see her again. Through this scheme we hope to narrow down the best and sexiest escorts in all the land. We can delete ads of girls you thought were substandard. Note : we will need more than one person to submit negative info to get someones ad removed. Girls advertising you can get a Kaaktus verified logo on your ad simply by emailing us a pic with your face and body showing. We don’t want any noodie shots just a simple standing photo up holding paper with todays date written on it.

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Escorts participating in the verified promo automatically get their ad placed as a featured ad top of the list. Your ad will get a VERIFIED PIC watermark unique to kaaktus and the cashed up horny punters out there know that when that door opens they won’t be greeted by a wild snorlax. We don’t like when punters waste their time with fake escort pictures, and the ladies don’t like it when customers do a runner. Play verified on Kaaktus, win a free shag, or ladies get free featured advertising. 

kaaktus verified escorts Australia.

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Only the verified Escort girls get the Kaaktus rose watermark. 

Example of verified escort to your right. She doesn’t have to be super glamour sexy. This one is super glamour sexy but yours only needs to be a real pic, sent to us and taken this week. Show us todays date and you’ll be top of our escort ads in your city. Your image will have a watermark so the punters know what to expect. You will retain more customers, and make more money. The guys know what to expect and everybody is happy. Try Kaaktus verified escorts today.

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Kaaktus can find you a girl on very short notice. She will be clean, fun, pretty and mostly like her picture. The standards of money girl around Australia has been steadily declining from a peak in 2009 /10. Back then we had nothing but the finest hookers. You could literally bang on the door of a hotel room in suburban Brisbane looking for someone else, a pretty jap girl would answer. You’d try to say sorry you’re looking for someone else but she gives you that look that says ‘for $150 I will blow your mind boy’ and she did just that. Service with a smile, blowjob professionals and koogal excercises to keep that pussy trim and tight. Those days are gone, but for the few decent ones we do get around here these days, always try Kaaktus Escort pages first. We have the fines hoes.