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Gentleman : this may come as a surprise but Hailey Baldwin does not advertise for dates on Kaaktus. Even if she was single and Kaaktus wasn’t crap.. If there’s an ad with her picture and she asks you for money – chances are its not really her.  Ladies : Alec Baldwin isn’t waiting for you in our relationship section. He’s not waiting for you anywhere. You need to take what you can get. You’ll have even fewer choices this time next year. Even the janitor at your kids school is getting laid more than you. Are you waiting for Christian Grey? Good luck with that. You do know he is a made up person – a figmant  of a frustrated womans imagination? She couldn’t find what she wanted so she made him up. That’s about your two choices.  Accept reality and press on. You’ll be happier with Robbo anyway. 

Kaaktus Singles section is a quick and easy way to meet new people. You will not find your destiny.

If you’re searching for your soulmate on Kaaktus : You should aim higher


If you’re searching for

your soulmate on Kaaktus :

You should aim higher

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Here’s the 411 folks. You will find some attractive girls here. You’ll find some shockers. You won’t find Hailey Baldwin offering short time for $150. If you see an ad with her picture, it’s probably not going to be real. Use common sense. Contact us here if there’s advertisers who use false pictures, do a crap performance or the ad is misleading.  Please just send us their ad title and a brief description. We get a few reports about the same one, they’re gone. Kaaktus will bring the biff back to the adult section.  We’ll weed out the bullshit artists. It might be difficult to start, but if you tell us when an advertiser is full of shit : other punters will avoid wasting their time cash. Help us make Kaaktus the cleanest most respectable smut section online. 

Kaaktus Adult Section : For those with bulk cash, spare time, no taste or all three

Common sense people


We do our best to make the smut section safe for everybody. However : You will always need common sense no matter where you are. If it sounds too good to be true – it’s not true. Simple.


This means you. Be careful. 

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Advertisers posting underage  girls or boys will be found and jailed. If you’re not sure, don’t advertise it. Simple. Do you really want that shit on your record? Advertisers posting nudes, porn, GIF’s, narcotics, any product or service that is illegal anywhere in Australia will be automatically reported to the local pigs. You may not be aware but when you post an ad, login or view any webpage the site owner can identify many things including but not limited to : your IP address, location, phone number, languages spoken, shopping history, browsing history, monitor resolution, computer type,  typing speed and a whole lot more. The software in most websites saves it automatically.

It’s called a browser fingerprint and it is more unique than your actual fingerprint. There are ways to hide parts of it, but unless you’re really fucking good you can be found. We don’t want to find you. We don’t want to tell the pigs anything so don’t post any illegal shit on Kaaktus.  Wise up and use the darknet, the new silk road or just go down the pub. Do not sell it here. Apart from that anything goes. Enjoy Kaaktus online classifieds Australia. Always free until we can find a way to make you pay for it. Then it’s double.

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